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Broken Hearted
Did you really just leave?
I guess now I see
Being with you wasn't how I thought it would be
You left me
I want to cry
But the tears won't come out
I'm usually quiet and shy
But I just want to scream and shout
Why would you do this
You left me!
I never thought you would go that low
But I guess now is when your true self shows
You found me broken
You fixed me up
Maybe it was just the words you had spoken
I was just a vulnerable pup
You broke me, I'm broken again
I guess you don't care if i lose this battle or win
You let me go
You made me loose hope
I thought we had something real
You had made me heal
Did all that mean nothing to you?
Do I mean nothing to you too?
I trusted you
You broke this door
You broke the room inside too
So I'm locking it again I won't let anyone in anymore
You really left?
I guess that's what i get
For trusting again
Should've known I would end up broken hearted
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 3 3
I Lost You...
I lost you a long time ago...
I guess I was just holding on to the hope
That you could turn it around
But you didn't. You just let yourself drown
You let yourself go
You took so many blows
I guess that last one took you away
I didn't know what to say
But now I do
I have something to say to you
Wherever you might be
Heaven or hell, I hope you hear me
I was there for you
I helped you all the way through
All the good and bad times
I helped you cope with all your lies
I never left your side
But you left mine
I wandered a lot
If you had even fought
Or if you just dropped
After that last shot
But I know the truth now
I know how...
You left me
You did fight, till you were set free
You were trapped in a place
You couldn't escape
So you went away
No one else could change your mind, no one else had a say
I miss you a lot
Wherever you are
I wish you could've escaped all those thoughts
You were my shining star
But you left, not me
I couldn't of changed anything
I used  to blame me
But now I s
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 4 5
This world, I can't escape it
This happens every time
I wish i could reshape it
But i can't get over that uphill climb
This seems to be my fate
Not being able to escape this hate
This hate people throw at me
I'll never be able to change this, can't you see
I'm stuck in this place
There's no way to escape
And when I gain hope and think I can
You pull me back by this chain
And make the sky rain again
The words you have spoken
Have left me broken
I'm sorry, I never meant to cry
I wish I could believe that the words you say are all lies
But to me they are true
And I guess they are true to you too
Did I threaten you in some way
To make you say the words you say?
You're breaking me
Can't you see
Shut up, just shut up already!
I'm already unsteady
I don't think i can do this anymore
I feel like letting go
I feel like falling to the floor
I fell like letting my feelings show
I read a poem by my best friend
It went like this...
" The ground shakes
Mountains rumble
Screams of terror
Pain and sor
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 4 7
If I Wish Upon This Star
If I wish upon this star
Will my wish come true?
Will it get rid of these permanent scars,
Will it make me brand new?
If i wish upon this star
Will all my worries be here to stay?
Or will my worries be put in a jar ,
And taken far away?
Will everything go back,
To the way it was before...
before this attack?
before this cold war?
If I wish upon this star
Will it be a scam
Will it change who any of us are?
Will it change who I am
It gives me hope
Right before i fall,
Fall down this slope
And risk my life to save it all
This star i wish upon
Is it just a lie
That wants me to believe I'm strong
Right before I die
Why do I wish on something so fake
Something that gives me hope
Right before I break
Then makes me fall down this slope into the unknown
Who is it helping
Me or them
It gave me something to believe in
And then let my enemy win
What am I supposed to do
With this false hope and strength?
Thinking I'll become brand new
And rise to a different length
It's all a lie
What am I doing?
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 3 3
I'm hiding something
I know you can tell
You know it's not nothing
But you manage not to yell
You ask me what
But i dont want to say
My mouth is shut
I wish you would go away
You say it's okay
But i know that's a lie
I'm just getting in your way
I do know you hate seeing me cry
But I'm a burden to you
Being like this all day
I'm a burden to them too
They all have something to say
I do know you want me stay
But i want to fly away
To a far away place
Where i wont see the pain on your face
I do know you want me to hear you
But my minds going crazy
I want to be true
But the truths a bit hazy
You try to fix me and help me escape
But you can't fix me with tape
I'm sorry I'm broken
But I can't escape words that were spoken
Just leave me alone
There's nothing left to do
I'm on my own
I can't bring you down too
Stop trying to fix me
I dont want to be fixed
Can't you see
My feeling are all mixed
I know you won't go
Not without a fight
But my thoughts won't show
They will make you run away in fri
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 2 15
You Win
You win
I give up okay
Now make this living hell
Go away
I've drowned and drowned
In this pain
I tried to swim up
But I'm stuck on this chain
I just can't escape
So I give up
I'm letting myself go
Do whatever you want
It won't phase me
I've lost all hope
No reason to hold on now
I'll fall down this slope
I'll stop fighting back
I'll let you win
You know you can
So now it begins
You win
I give up
A new chapter
Has begun
You'll win every fight
I'll loose all my hope
You'll keep rising up and up
While I tumble down this slope
But what will happen
When I hit the bottom
Not even I will ever know
I won't let my feeling show
It won't be fun
So just make it stop
I won't run
I'll just drop
If I do this
Will you quit
All your torture
If I fall into this deep dark pit
That's never ending
You won't have to torture me
I'll already be falling
You don't have to push me
I'll jump on my own
Just leave me alone
I can't take your words
Make them go away
They are torture to me
I don't want to stay
I won't
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 3 0
Who Is The Real Enemy?
Is it me or is it them
Is it myself within
I say its their fault
That they made this happen didn't they
But who's the real enemy
All of these thoughts
Did i do this to me
I can't believe I would let them get to me
Please tell me the answer someone,
Who is the real enemy
Me or them
Is all these things because of within
They say these words
But i let them bring me down
I chose to live in this little town
I chose to let them let me drown
This ocean of thoughts and torture
Did I create it or did they
Could I have thought of another way
Could I have just gotten by, day by day
Could I have just made it through
If I took it one step at a time
Took it slow on that uphill climb
Kept myself from thinking I'm not worth the time?
Who is the real enemy
Me or them
Was I the one antagonizing these thoughts within
Am I the real enemy, have I always been?
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 5 1
triangle design :iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 3 0
These Thoughts
These thoughts
Although I fought,
Are getting to my head
I'm thinking I should just go to bed
But it's so hard
I swear I need my own mind guard
I need my brain
To escape from this chain
And although
It's hard I know 
I want to give up
But that would be filling deaths cup
These thoughts
Although I fought
Won't leave me alone
Isn't a safe place supposed to be your home
But I can't can't escape
Not night or day
These thoughts are stuck in my brain
That's stuck on a chain
But I will pray
That God makes this go away
And that the pain,
And thought, would stay away from my brain
These thoughts
Though I fought
Will not go away
But I won't stop trying and that all I have to say
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 4 3
Just A Memory
I tell you don't do it
You ask me why
I tell you just sit
You dont have to say goodbye
You turn away
While I beg you
"Please stay"
"You can make it through"
Can't you see
Why oh why
You mean so much to me
I started to cry
"You don't have to say goodbye"
"PLEASE!" I beg
"You can stay alive"
"Just step away from the ledge"
"Just take my hand,
I can give you another chance"
Now I can barely stand
"Please just give me one glance"
"Look at me!"
"Look at me please!"
"Look at me and see..."
I start to feeze
I scream
"You said you won't!"
Please god, let this be a dream
But deep down I know it's not
I don't know what to say
I don't know how to make you stop
I try think of another way
But it's too late
You took the fall
I scream in pain
I've lost it all
I snap back from the past
It was just history
That will last forever
in my memory
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 6 1
Tumblefluff :iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 4 7 The Eyes :iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 2 0
I'm That Girl (blue eyes, blonde hair)
I'm that girl
That sits at home
Reading a book
Feeling alone
Blue eyes
Blonde hair, but who really cares
I'm still just that girl
That sits at home
Reading a book
Feeling alone
I smile at school
But mostly it's fake
I laugh alot too
But my heart still breaks
All they see is blue eyes
Blonde hair
And a smile
I'm beyond repair
My teeth
Had a gap
And now i have braces
And look like crap
Blue eyes
Blonde hair
A smile, beyond repair,
Just like me,
And my fake everything
But I'm still just that girl
Sitting at home
Reading a book
And feeling alone
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 4 2
In That Moment
And in that moment
A SpeAchless StoRy was told
One with passion
One with a hold
2 people
Met eyes
And told a story
That had no lies
In that moment
It was done
2 people, 2 hearts
Became one
Lips met lips
Heart met heart
2 people
Figured out who they are
In that moment
Love was known
2 peoples hearts
Found a home
:iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 2 2
Untitled :iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 2 0 Untitled :iconspeachlessstory:SpeAchlessStoRy 3 0


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